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blowing wind abstract patterns painting homage to aboriginal art

214  Blowing in the wind

137x112cm acrylic on stretched canvas, ready to hang,
can be hung vertically in portrait format,  NFS
Artist's collection

Abstract painting of autumn colours.  Multicoloured leaves blowing in the wind. 
Millions of hand painted strokes in a swirly, curvy, spinning movement.

Like a Bach study of variations on a theme this artwork has rhythmic progression,
harmonies and counterpoints of a musical kind.  Ongoing change, constant movement.

Reminiscent of Aboriginal paintings, even though Dreamings and Totems belonging
to indigenous Australians are studiously avoided.

blowing wind abstract patterns painting on wall

Not to scale

Keywords: painting, contemporary, original, art, autumn, fall, colours, painter, australia, artwork, aboriginal painting, inspired, multicoloured, art study