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desert viewed from satellite semi abstract landscape painting

484  From the satellite

91x122cm image, acrylic on board, framed size 104x135cm,
also suitable for hanging vertically in portrait format,  NFS

 Artist's collection

This semi-abstract contemporary landscape painting is based on a birds-eye view
of inland Australian deserts.  The enormous dry landscape unfolds as if seen from a satellite. 
The colours and textures indicate the nature of the great mountain ranges,
the sun-dried parched plains and the sparse scattered pockets of vegetation. 
Traces of watercourses and remnants of billabongs seem to be vaguely outlined.

An intense burnt orange dominates the colour scheme, with yellows,
browns and Spinifex greens, a lively and beautiful image.

desert viewed from satellite semi abstract landscape painting on wall

Not to scale

Keywords: painting, semi-abstract, landscape, contemporary, landscape painting, birds-eye view, inland Australian deserts, satellite, for sale, framed,colours, textures, great mountain ranges, sun-dried, parched plains, vegetation, watercourses, billabongs, burnt orange, yellow, Spinifex, green, beautiful image