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patchwork landscape contemporary art painting original

725  Patchwork landscape

95x130cm framed size, acrylic on board 91x122 image size
also suitable for hanging vertically in portrait format,  price on application
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A semi-abstract depiction of an aerial view of cultivated land in the country.
Ploughed fields of reddish earth alternate with freshly planted green seedlings
and ready to harvest golden yellow wheat fields. Boundary fences,
roadways and creek beds cover the landscape in an intricate organic pattern.

Big, bold and beautiful!  An amazing cavalcade of intense colours ranging
from hot oranges to cool greens and yellows.  Invigorating, intense and decorative!

patchwork landscape contemporary art painting on wall

Not to scale

Keywords: patchwork, landscape, painting, semi-abstract, contemporary, original, aerial view, cultivated land, country painting, contemporary abstract art