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geometric timber magic cube abstract sculpture recycled timbers

752  Magic toybox

43x43x43cm cube, coloured recycled wood assembly on board,  NFS
Artist's collection

Second Prize winner Sculpture Section (Class 21)
Sydney Royal  Art Prize

A magical children's "toybox", a three dimensional sculptural piece
for fun: playful, decorative and happy.

See what can be made from dusty old discarded timber pieces when
recycled and re-assembled in a creative way!  Add a bit of colour, think of a jigsaw
and just use your imagination to make a magical cube.

Environmentally friendly as well!

Comments received

Hi Ernie,  Congratulations. I love this piece and can see the evolution of your art that got you there.  Cheers, -- Janet B. art and web promoter, Central Coast NSW.

Congratulations Ernie, very beautiful and at the same time thoughtful.  When you started on the reliefs, it was a new departure, and how logical to go into real three dimensions. Greetings, - Karl M. artist, Switzerland.

Congratulations Ernie!  Fantastic news!  You are truly a multi-faceted artist.  I hope that we will get to see some of your sculptural pieces in Mosman Art Society shows.  Hopefully will have a chance to get out to the Easter Show and see your current prize-winning entry in person.  Take care.  Cheers,  -- Anne-Nicole, artist Sydney.

Hi there Ernie,  Congratulations! what a wonderful boost to an artist's morale.  I went onto your site and had a look at the 'Magical Toybox'...  It does look as tho' it might hold some wonderful magical surprise, creating a strong compulsion to take a peek inside...  Cheers  -- Margaret N.

hi ernie - congratulations!!  a beautiful piece!!  i haven't seen any of your wood constructions in the round before - very handsome photo too - wondering what finish you used - will it stand up outdoors, or mainly intended for indoor use?  i used to make painted wood-products (tempered masonite) sculpture back in the early 60s - indoor use only - they combined 3-d with 2-d spatial effects, so were hybrids -ciao -- ted k, new york artist, USA


Hi Ernie,  I was able to go on-line and view your sculpture.  It looks very tasteful and "neat", pleasant to the eye, and makes the statement about possibilities out of what seems so simple.  I think it would be attractive to people of all ages.  Children would be able to run their fingers over the surface, as would blind people as well.  Good work, and again, congratulations on your 2nd prize at the show.  Shalom -- Chris R. Sydney

Dear Ernie,  Congratulations.  I think it is wonderful so shall pass on your email to someone who I think would love a sculpture in their new abode. -- Jennifer P., Community Relations, Sydney

Hi Ernie,  Well done, I told you they were good. -- David W. Sydney.

Congratulations - a great achievement. xxxxx -- Lisa, Simon Cole and Cain.

Ernie,  Your sculptures are wonderful -- very innovative and fresh.  Being a woodworker myself, I admire the intricacy of the "collage" of interwoven pieces of wood and have an idea of the careful planning, measuring and finishing that is involved.  Congratulations on your Prize!  -- Astrid F. New York artist.

Dear Ernie,  Congratulations on your win at the Royal Easter Show.  That is very exciting.  I like your sculpture very much, it is very original and has great appeal, I am sure you will be pursuing this new art form.  Very best wishes, -- Jeanne W. Sydney artist

Hi Ernie,  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!  You deserve to win awards….  I Love your work. -- Linda J. artist, Sydney.

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